A few female friends gather every new moon to honor our selves and our cycles. Inspired by the book The Red Tent, we have stitched together a collection of various shades of red fabrics which we often hoist to designate our meeting place. We've also tie-dyed dresses for the event... usually we eat well, do some creative project, just relax, and treasure our family and friendships. Contact Debra@Motherhouse.us or call 860-671-7945 if you'd like to join us.

The next new moon falls on April 26. We hope to continue our "Honoring our Foremothers" Book-Making project; a 5X5 accordion book celebrating women who have been personally influential, inspiring in our lives. After sharing stories about how the women we've chosen have uplifted and/or empowered us, we'll compose tributes to them.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lunar Essence

This month,we celebrated the "birth" of the Hay-Makers Moon with another picnic at Local Farm. Rachel and Darwin went to a Wolfe Clan reunion. Alicia used the dark phase of the moon to draw out the essence of morning glory to add to her growing collection of flower essences. For Alicia, creating flower essences is an intuitive process, connecting her to Life. She plucks a single blossom that "speaks to her," puts it in a clear glass container, pours fresh water over it and sets it out under the night sky. She brought by some of the resulting "stock" the next day us to sip... To preserve her essences for later use, she mixes 1 part brandy to 1 part essence and only uses a few drops at a time for its subtle healing properties.
This year, the July new moon coincided with a full solar eclipse. It was the first evening of Av, the fifth month of the Jewish ecclesiastical year. In New England, this new moon waxes into the Hay Moon or Thunder Moon. Farmers will be mowing, raking, and baling hay in the strong drying days of sun... then hurrying to get it stored under cover before one of the many thundershowers of this time of year.